The Family Dow

Part 43: Navigating the Cavern The spacious cavern before them, the heroes scan the area. Wagons are set up to the left and a lone hut is to the right, beyond the wagons lie prison cells with an abundance of prisoners and a settlement is seen beyond the lone rounded structure. The group decide to … More The Family Dow

The Plunge

Part 41: Division The arena set and the battle in flow, the party prioritise the slaying of the mimic first, with Aluran punching the chest furiously trying to free his bitten arm. Meanwhile, outside the room, Clyde starts hurling javelins at the black puddling dividing the two parties up. The black ooze gushes through an … More The Plunge

The Deep Breath

Part 39: Whack ‘Em All The heroes look down upon Hiln and see its high walls and rotating guards. In front of the walls they spot three holes dug into the floor. Due to the uneasy alliance between Farik and the party they decide to rush for the holes in two separate waves, they wait … More The Deep Breath


┬áPart 35:┬áLions and Dragons and Goats, Oh My! The battle for Tern was over. The party immediately starts searching for keys after the moments of silence that followed the final kill, keys are found by Amber, who gets to work releasing the prisoners one by one. As they shake off their shackles, Ulrich steps in … More Stormbringer

Breaking Walls

Part 31: The Assholes of Laubarrow The Troglodyte attacks were getting less frequent now, Laig was enjoying a well deserved rest after finally finishing his ceaseless work, only made possible by the stunning marksmanship of his protectors. His grey hair was long and thin as was his face and his hands were dry and covered … More Breaking Walls